Friday, January 23, 2015

Without Excuse...Worshiping the Creature Rather than the Creator

My Bible study ladies and I are embarking on the arduous task of studying the book of Romans.  Arduous because there is so much in the book that is vital to a living, breathing, born-again faith in Jesus.

This is a Precept Bible Study (precept upon precept) with Kay Arthur.   One of the things she's having us do here at the beginning of our study is to read the whole book over five times (she breaks it up several chapters at a time over the course of a week).

You know the one thing that is really hitting me in the face:  the fact that God has declared Himself and made Himself --  His power and might and also His divine nature -- known to all people in and through His creation, and because He has, those who refuse to believe or suppress the truth so that others won't believe are without excuse.  Someday those people will stand before Him who hung on a cross to pay for their sin and will have no way to explain how or why they failed to believe He is who He says He is.  They will have no excuse.

...and because of their failure to believe in Him, God, at some point in time is going to just give them over to a depraved mind.  Do you ever think of society as becoming more and more depraved?  I do.  There are stories in the news daily about teachers having sex with students,pedophiles having sex with children, some of the European countries are now advocating for sex with animals and relationships with family members and this is only the beginning of depravity.  Adultery is now pretty much accepted, as well as homosexuality, changing your gender.  Divorce is don't even need a reason.   Alcoholism and drug addiction is rampant with heroin addiction killing many of our young people,   Abortions are given on demand and up to and including the time of birth and many legislative people are advocating for abortion on children up to age 2!!!! (because they have no sense of self so they say.)    

Is it any wonder we feel God has placed the US under His judgment.  Yes, fewer and fewer people are standing with God and because of that the world is becoming more and more God-less.  That's what happens when people worship the creature rather than the Creator.

For reference, please read the first Chapter of Romans.