Thursday, November 14, 2013

What Does the "New" Man Look Like?

In Ephesians 4:22-23, we are told to put off  "your old self" - the self that that belongs to your life before Christ came into your life - the self that that is corrupt because of its deceitful desires; and we are urged to be "renewed in the spirit of your minds" and to "put on the new self" which is your self which is created after the likeness of God.

What do you look like now?  From my reading of verses 24 through 32, your life should look like  this:

( 1) Your life has a likeness to God;
( 2) You are righteous;
( 3) You are holy;
( 4) You are truthful;
( 5) When you are angry, you do not sin and you take determined strides to put to right whatever has caused you to be angry;
( 6) You are vigilant in not allowing the devil to find and take a stronghold of any place in your life;
( 7) You have honest work/employment;
( 8) You share with others who are in need;
( 9) No corrupt talk comes forth from your lips; you build up; you don't tear down; you are grace-FULL;
(10) You are conscious of the Holy Spirit indwelling you and you treat Him as an honored guest;
(11) You are not bitter.
(12) You do not exhibit wrath or anger and you are not hateful or slanderous (talking down about others).
(13) You ARE kind, tenderhearted; You FORGIVE as God, in Christ, forgave you.

Go ahead, take the test.  Grade yourself.  This test alone is enough to show us WHY we need a savior.  This is what we're supposed to look like after we have asked Him to forgive our sins and take control of our lives.  Without Him, there is NO ONE who passes this test,  and quite honestly, even after one has asked for forgiveness and given their life to Christ, these are HARD things to do every minute of every day of every week of every year of your life.  We are not perfect and not until death or the rapture when we receive the promise of our inheritance, will we ever be perfect and completely like Him.
Paul said just a few verses earlier that followers of Jesus are not to walk as the pagan gentiles walked - in the futility of their minds.  They had been darkened in their understanding, and alienated from God because of their ignorance and their hardness of heart.  They had become callous and given themselves to doing whatever felt good and were eager to practice every kind of impurity.

Look the list over during your prayer time and use it to ask for forgiveness or for God's Holy Spirit to help you achieve His goal for your life.

He is our helper, our comforter and our role model.  As you read this list, and if you are not,"in Christ", can you see why you would want to be His?  This is a life of victory, love and hope.  To be in Christ is to be an "overcomer" and a winner in the game of life  - not according to the rules of this world but according to God's rules!

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  1. Many years ago when I finally gave God my heart and soul, and in complete forgiveness asked God for mercy, He made a miraculous change in me. At the time my late Wife had not yet become a believer. It was my young Daughter's and my duty to drive to my Wife's workplace to pick her up. When my little Daughter went down for her nap, God used that time to renew my heart! I was truly transformed. Later, after my Wife became a Christian, she told me that when I came to get her that day, she thought that I had flipped out or something. I guess it was the inner glow that I now had. Although its been about 35 years ago, I can still remember it. Such a tremendous was lifted off my shoulders! I can still see the feet of Jesus. I said that I was not worthy to touch His sandals. Then I could feel the transformation! What an amazing day!