Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ummmmm Ummmmm; Delicious

I love food, and if I'm not mistaken so do most other people.  I love to cook and I love to feed people and make them feel good, especially my children and my husband. 

News articles that I have read indicate that the United States is country filled with people who love to eat and that we have become obese.   We eat too much and move too little. 

The life of a Christian is one of self-control.  The Lord wants us to be able to control our actions, even down to how much we eat.  Even food can become an idol and the exercise of eating, idolatry. 

This is an area in which the Lord has been seeking to bring change to in my life.  I have struggled with loving food too much for many years, and only as recently as last April brought changes in my life situation which caused me to re-evaluate my eating habits and my need to drop some weight.  As I have written about before on this blog, my son was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis.  It has been shown that people who have inflammatory bowel disease, i.e., Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease are benefited when they eat a diet which does not include grains, sugar, milk and starches, like potatoes; basically no carbohydrates.    This is known as the G.A.P.S. diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).  It was developed by a neurologist who had a child who had ulcerative colitis.  She was told by physicians that there was no cure for this autoimmune disease.  However, after placing her daughter on this diet for two years, she was cured of the disease and was slowly re-started on all the forbidden items at least to some extent.

It is quite weird, isn't it, that God gave us appetites and food and spices and an inquiring mind and an ability to figure out ways to make things delicious and what do we do but turn that into an idol and spend so much more time figuring out what to eat, when to eat and where to eat than we take to read His Word and spend some time talking to Him.   

Psalm 34:8 tells us:  Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusts in Him. 

I have tasted the Lord's goodness in my times of Bible Study, and I come away like a child looking in the window of a store that sells the most delicious baked goods -- always with my mouth open and rounded in  awe!   He feeds us with words of promise and words of love, sometimes the taste is bitter when  He speaks to us about sin and wrongdoing.  It is rich and dwells in our bodies a long time.  It sustains us and gives us life as we strive to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  It can warm you up like nothing else and when your pride runs amok and takes control, it can cool you off like someone pouring a glass of ice down the back of your shirt!  Just like with real food, it can be cool and creamy, warm and soothing and it can be sweet as honey and as nourishing as the most vitamin-enriched protein.  Sometimes within one dish you can taste things that are bitter, sour, sweet, and smokey.  It is multi-dimensional, ultra healthy and life changing.

God's Word is delicious. Oh, please, won't you taste and see that the Lord is good?

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