Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are We Approaching the End of This Age?

I get so few comments on this blog that I don't really know if anyone reads it more than once.  It doesn't really matter.  I just what is on my heart at that moment, and I pray that it is what God wants me to write.

I have been blowing the shofar for some time trying to alert people around me that we are approaching the end of this age.  I am always told that "no one knows the day or hour", or "you're so negative", or as my pastor told me, "yes, I believe Jesus is returning soon, too, so we just have to be about His business". 

Well, yes, we do, but what about warning those who haven't a clue?  There are so many things going on around right now that are Biblical and prophetic that I have to stop today and shout out a watchman's call to anyone who passes by here to be on the alert.  Jesus' return for His bride, the Church, is imminent!  Do I mean today?  Maybe, but not necessarily.  Could it be tomorrow?  Most certainly.  All I'm saying is read your Bible and watch what's happening around you.  You'll see what I mean.  I am not going to go to the trouble of re-writing what my friend, Elizabeth @ < The End Time Blog has already done a phenomenal job writing about.    I am just going to post some links for you so you can read them yourself. 
But don't say you weren't ever told.  If you have not given your life to Christ and died with Him and been resurrected in His power, please don't monkey around another day.  This is eternal stuff we're dealing with here.  Get on your knees before God, repent of all your sin, and give  your life to Him. He is a wonderful savior, loving, patient, kind, just, faithful, honorable, filled with compassion and He wants you to love Him just like He loves you.  He will be your rock, your strength and He will hide you under His wings until the storm has passed.

Sequestration-World Commerce and the Coming Anti-Christ

A Note About the Brethren Living...Catholic Church

The Differences Between the Rapture and the 2nd Coming

and from my friend Sarah at Believer's Journey Blog:

Daniel-9:27 - Prophecy Watch

Time is short, my friend.  Don't delay.


  1. I know Kim. This is why Jesus said He will come as a thief before most expect Him. And He will literally come sooner than expected as all His parables have a literal meaning behind them. He will take the wise virgins who were ready to the Fathers house, and the foolish will be weeping and gnashing their teeth because they did not take this seriously. They did not watch as Jesus instructed us.

    God bless you dear sister.

  2. Watching and waiting with you, Sarah! Could you tell I was having a PD moment when I wrote this. I think I have it fixed now! :)

    1. Looks great!

      I am praying for you. Keep me posted.
      Jesus bless!

  3. Kim I'm so sorry your pastor said that to you. :( As you know, I believe that He is returning soon too. Jesus talked about hell more than any other subject and spent His longest discourse describing the time before the end. Every New Testament book
    (except Philemon) mentions some aspect of eschatology. Paul spent each chapter in Thessalonians ending with an eschatalogical warning or encouragement. In one way or another most of the books of the Bible deal with end-times topics. Whole chapters of Matt. 24, Mark 13, Luke 17, and 2 Thess. 2 are devoted to the subject. Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Joel, Zechariah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, 2 Thessalonians, and of course Revelation are PROMINENTLY eschatalogical.

    Revelation is totally eschatalogical, and is not coincidentally the ONLY book where the reader is blessed if they read and understand.

    If JESUS spent time taking care to remind everyone He is coming again, and if the Holy Spirit took such care to include these things in the bible, and if all of scripture is good for teaching and reproof, what does the pastor think the Father's business IS?

    Not that there aren't other things to do and study and know, such as be an ambassador for Him in witnessing, living, to use the Spirit's gifts for His glory, worship, prayer and missions, but foolish is the person who marginalizes or ignores the importance and urgency of the second coming message.

    Caleb Schumacher is one of the most deep and knowledgeable pastors I have ever read. He holds a Ph.D. in New Testament and an M.A. in Christian Apologetics. He says in his essay 'Why I believe in the Second Coming', "God brought me to Christ through the study of eschatology, or the study of "last" or "end" things."

    here is why, he says, prophecy is important:

    --fulfilled prophecy (fp)demonstrates the omniscience of God
    --fp demonstrates that the bible is a supernatural book
    --fp demonstrates that Jesus is the Messiah and God
    --fp instills confidence in the Christian as to future predictions that the bible makes

    FYI, 109 predictions concern the Messiah's 2st coming. over 200 deal with His Second Coming!

    Go on and read the rest of the piece by Schumacher. I hope it will be encouraging. Stick with it Kim!! You're doing a wonderful job!

  4. We are at the end of the Church age, but according to this article, most Earth species are still unknown -

  5. I read and don't comment, but this article made me take notice. Good wake up call. Thank you for the time to spend. Keep the faith sweet sister, Mary M

  6. Yes, do not become weary. I feel alone on many days but that makes me realize that what God told us would come true is! Thank you for posting.

  7. Sometimes, I feel alone on the wall. But then I recall that I am not just a watchman, but a means of God's grace through the power of the indwelling Christ, and He desires that all might come to the salvation He has given. What we say and write may provide direction and faith for eternal life to those left behind, who did not listen the first time. Thank you and God bless you for sharing.

  8. I enjoy reading your posts...I know we are at the very end of this age...and I too cannot understand why people are not excited...that is Christians...can they not see what is going on around us. even the weather is shouting of His soon return...I am lonely for someone to be excited with me...but there is no one...all so caught up in the things of this world...things that will pass away...thank you for having the same interest as I do