Monday, November 5, 2012

Straining and Groaning

Do you sense it, too...that the whole world is groaning for the return of the King, Master, Creator and Landlord of all?   The Bible tells us in Romans 8 that all creation is awaiting release from the bondage of sin.

I feel it.  The pain and dissatisfaction.  The disillusion and hopelessness.  The wealthy are bored and looking for their next high.  The poor are hurting and looking for a deliverer.  The family is being dismantled.  The Bible is being discredited.   Hatred, division, discord and rebellion are words for the day.  People only hear what they want to hear.  Nature is showing what extreme power she has that we have never seen before.  You seldom hear about 6.0 level earthquakes now as they have become very commonplace. And while many are experiencing floods over the world in levels never seen before; others are experiencing unbelievable drought.      

All seem to be asking, "Where is the one that can deliver us from all this?"  That's one of the reasons I know that we are living in the last minutes of the age. The stage is being carefully set up for the arrival of the evil one - the man who will "SEEM" to be the one who is the answer to all our problems; the one who can change it all and correct all the injustices, but it will be just the opposite.  He will make life on this plague-filled earth that we inhabit today pure, living hell.  As bad it looks today, it will be MUCH worse when the man of sin arrives on the scene. 

Soon though, thank God for His mercy in shortening those days, it will be over and we will be ruled by the only person who has ever had the ability to be a King or a Judge, God's one and only begotten son, Jesus Christ.  He is the only one wise enough, and the only one good enough.  He will rule with an iron rod, but he will rule justly.  He loves mercy and kindness.  He is the full embodiment of the word "love".  There will be peace on earth for all: men, women, children, animals, vegetation, land, and sea.    No more global warming, no more pollution, no more genetically modified food, no more elections, no more anything that isn't in God's plan.  A thousand years of good (Godly) living.

I am thankful today that I know who holds my future, and it isn't Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, or any other man, for that matter.  I can walk through these very disconcerting days with the assurance that nothing is going to happen to me today that God has not allowed to happen, and that He was a plan and a purpose for my life...not to hurt me, but to prosper me.  Jeremiah 29:11-14



  1. AMEN!! A very encouraging word! Thanks for this Kim!
    In Christ, Sarah B.

  2. A huge, huge AMEN also, Kim. On my prayer-walk with the dog this afternoon, for a hundred different reasons that have been building for some time (only a few of them related to the election) this was heavy on my heart... that there is so much 'bent' and broken about this world, even amidst that which seems just fine thank you very much. So many whom I have called friends have written to say, in effect, "that's nice for you" in regards to the clearest possible warning and presentation of the gospel I know how to make. How does one make a deaf world hear? Come, Lord Jesus, come!!!

  3. I have been wondering that myself, Art. Then I am reminded that only God draws them to Him. We can only plant the seed. God Bless!