Monday, October 8, 2012

Preparing for the Wedding

In my quiet time this morning, as I was thinking about the rapture and going home to be with Him, the Lord brought to my mind what women are like when they are preparing for their wedding.


Brides (and their family) are responsible for planning the wedding.  As I remember, as much as it was possible within my budget, I wanted the day to be remembered for its beauty, its solemnity, its genuineness and sacredness.

We want to be remembered as a beautiful bride.  We want our dress to be perfect, our hair to be just so, we want everything about us to be evidence of how extensively we have prepared for this day, down to our nails and make up.   We want to capture our groom's heart and mind as we walk down that aisle.  We want Him to thinking..."there she is, my beautiful bride."  "There is no other one for me." 

Behind all this planning and preparing that we have been making for months, we have been thinking about our soon-to-be-husband.  We think on all the things that made us choose him, what it will be like to be married to him, to be free to be one with him without anyone or anything else's interference.  We think about how handsome he is, how perfect he is for us; how much we love him.

And, of course, we are preparing our home for when the wedding is over - where we will live, furnishing it with love and stocking it with all that we'll need to live by. 

It's a whirlwind time and we move at a frantic pace.  When it's over, we look back through the photos and videos and see that it was all and more than we wanted it to be.

That's how I see this time right now.  We are, without a doubt in my mind, living at the end of this age.  My bridegroom is coming...soon; at anytime, without any notice to me, and I must be ready.  He wants me to be beautiful, spotless, and ready to make our covenants that will never end.  He, however, is preparing our home and planning this wedding, so all I have to do with prepare myself. 

To this Bridegroom, to be beautiful is to believe in Him, to accept the cleansing work that He has done for me and apply his makeup -- His blood that was shed for me.  I must be focused on Him; how beautiful, good, kind, loving and perfect He is.  I must be focused on pleasing Him, loving Him and preparing for a life without end with Him.  I must know Him intimately and want to know Him even more. 

There will never be a more beautiful wedding.  There will never be a more perfect Bridegroom.  There will never be a more beautiful home.  This is one wedding I don't want to miss so I am spending the greatest amount of my time focused on my Bridegroom and our home and what it will be like.  I hope you are preparing for your wedding with the Bridegroom.

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