Friday, July 6, 2012

The Value of Children

I have previously confessed that my husband and I recently enrolled our son in a wilderness boys' camp here in Ohio.  You can read that blog in its entirety HERE

Since I posted that blog, we have had a "home visit" with our son.  We were very encouraged at the end of that visit as there were NO harsh words spoken, no arguments, no endless repetition of requests or instructions, and the only area where we didn't see a lot of progress was our son's tidiness in his bedroom!

So, ten days after we returned our son to camp, we were required to attend a parent meeting in a location three hours from our home.  The camp has provided us with homework to do while our son is at camp working hard to change so that we, too, can make some much needed changes in our own attitudes and actions.  As we were traveling to the meeting, we took two of the CDs with us to listen to in the car.  These messages were given by Pastor Denny Kenaston who (we could tell) has a heart that is on fire for Godly children!  The messages are annointed by God and let me tell you, my husband and I cried for the whole time we listened to his messages.    I will attempt to give you an inkling of what he had to say.  You can visit to obtain a copy of the series.  The message that changed my husband and my perception was "The Eternal Value of a Child".   

The world we live in today has very little regard for children.  We may think that we do, but we don't.  Oh, I will grant you, that there are some parents and individuals out there who do value children, but by and large, our society thinks children have little value.  Psalms 127:3-5 says:

                         Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. 4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. 5 Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.   
 The word "heritage" is Strong's H5159 which means:  property, portion, inheritance.  Our children are an inheritance!  They are a reward!  If you are a warrior depending on the arrows in your quiver, you want a lot of them there in times of trouble, and our children are like arrows!  When we fill our quiver full of children, we are BLESSED!

But, tell me, is that how the world looks at children today? I would have to say no.  We are a society who likes to get the children "out of our hair".   Since the Roe v. Wade decision was upheld, there have been millions of babies aborted in this country alone (well over 50 million)!  Chinese families are held to only ONE child per household and so forced abortion is in effect!  Our own legislative branch of the government FAILED to enact a law which would have made it illegal to have an abortion in the US simply because of the sex of your child; I said FAILED TO ENACT!  In other words, if you are unhappy with the sex of your child, you can just abort it! 

Our children are relegated to the TV and the video game room in order that the parents can work,  "relax", watch "adult" tv, visit with friends, or whatever else it is that holds their attention.  We allow our children, our most valuable treasures here on earth, to be babysat by the TV or a video game remote controller.  I know that I personally was so caught up in my career, that I rarely gave my son my undivided attention.    We had asked ourselves many times what our son had to be angry about; because while we had not given him anything he wanted, we had done our best to supply him with what we thought was right according to the "American" way!  What is the American Way, you ask.  Well, in my opinion, it is showering our children with everything they want but not giving them what they need...our undivided attention.

Pastor Kenaston incurred that immediately upon conception a child can "feel" what his mother is she happy, sad, depressed, angry; and he can hear what she's she glad to be pregnant, does she want her child, what is she expressing about her child as he/she grows?   Let me tell you, that's where the tears began to fall and the Holy Spirit convicted us both on the spot.  You see, we are both older parents.  We were not expecting to be expecting.  My husband had no children in his first marriage (and was actually told he was unable to impregnate) and I was 42 years old when I conceived our son.  I cried for the whole nine months!  I was unhappy.  I was selfish.  I was not going to be "free" anymore (my daughter was 15 years old at the time).  I didn't want to watch "Barney"! 

God forgive me.  Son, forgive me.  

God gave me a new perspective.  He made me see my son with new eyes...a gift, from God -- at any age, under any circumstances -- and OH, SO VALUABLE!!

And so, I am counting the days until I see my son again; my sweet, hugable, lovable, handsome, funny, smart son.  The one who is learning to cook and budget and manage a checkbook and keep his camp site tidy and his sleeping quarters neat and who just wore out his first toothbrush!   My precious son whose hugs can't be replaced and whose kisses are so sweet; the same one who is now just a hair taller than me and is way stronger than me.   I pray daily that God (who has my son in his nail scarred palms) will allow him to come home quickly and that He will keep him safe.  Pray for us, won't you? 

Father, I am precious to you and oh, so valuable!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me how valuable my children are to you and how valuable they should be to me.  Father, help me to be open to your leading in how to parent them both differently according to who You have made them to be.  I know you have entrusted them to me, and Father, I'm sorry if I haven't done the job properly up to this time.  Forgive me and help me.  I need your wisdom, your understanding and your ability to be patient, kind and to love at all times, no matter what.  I pray for all parents in the world who need to understand the great gift you have given them in their children, and I pray for the children that they would be given the unconditional love and acceptance that they deserve.  In Jesus' name.


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