Saturday, April 14, 2012

Truths From the Mission Field

As I have looked back over the past week at my recent mission trip to West Liberty, Kentucky, I have asked myself what I learned from the trip. Probably the most glaring thing I learned is something I don't like to admit: I am a murmurer...a who if I were on the journey to the Promised Land with Moses and the Israelites would have died in the wilderness and not been allowed to go in and take the land.

I asked God before I left for His help in accepting whatever conditions I met there. Before the first 24 hours were done, I had failed myself and the Lord in keeping that goal in mind.

What did I complain about? Three guesses. Give up? Well, our trip was to Eastern Kentucky. In the hills thereof. It is not what you would call a wealthy area of the Country, or the State for that matter. We stayed at a nice little Nazarene Church. We had the basement of the church which encompassed the Sunday School area and the Fellowship Hall/Kitchen. The parsonage was adjacent to the church.

The first thing I complained about were the showers. We had showers - four or five of them to be exact - but they were on the back porch of the parsonage and were open to the rear woods with just a wooden railing between you and the woods. I didn't complain about the showers so much as I complained about the possibility of snakes. After a long day of working in the hot sun, I soon forgot all about complaining about those showers for any reason, though.

The other thing I complained about was food. There's no good reason for me to complain about food, but for some reason, I've gotten it in my head, that I don't eat sausage, biscuits, gravy, or sugar coated cereals. No, this is not the healthiest of breakfast fare, but believe me I could live off the fat of the land for a good two to three weeks, if I didn't like what was offered, I should have just passed on the meal and kept my mouth completely shut. No, I didn't complain to the church or the pastor or the cook; nothing like that, but I murmured about it to a couple other travelers. As I look back on it, I am ashamed of my conduct. I have asked God's forgiveness, and I know He is faithful to forgive those sins that I confess.

I guess what's bothering me is the fact that I knew the danger. I knew what might happen. Yet, I still didn't come away with a victory, and it distresses me to know how weak my will is and how easy it was to say just a few little negative words about the showers and snakes and the nutritional lack in the food that was served.

Thank God for His grace and His mercy. Thank God that He is a god of second chances, and third for that matter. But He is also a god that requires His people to grow up in Him, to be content in all situations and to rely on Him for everything. I learned something about myself last week, and it's not pretty. I am a spoiled brat. There I was in the midst of all that destruction, and I still complained and murmured. God should have spanked me, but He didn't. It helps me realize just how much I need God to work in me and how I need God to continue transforming me. There are going to be more trips to West Liberty, and next time I pray that I will please Him with my contentment in all things; my thankfulness for what He provides for me - no matter how much it's unlike what I'm used to (for good or not).

The whole reason to go on mission for God is to serve others and to bring hope and the love of God to those who are suffering; not to be served. I went to help in any way that God saw fit for me to help, even if it was cleaning up sewage.

God knows our hearts, and so I'm thankful that He knows I learned a lesson there. I pray that He will bring that lesson to fruition in me and that I will learn to be content in times of abundance and also in times of leanness.

Father, forgive me. I have sinned by murmuring and complaining in a situation where you placed me and I should have accepted and been happy with the provisions you made for me. I realize that in the future, I may be placed in situations much worse and/or much better and that in order to glorify you, I need to be thankful and appreciative no matter what measure of provisions I am presented. I long to be a child who pleases you, Father; so I ask you to give me more of you and let there be less of me. Let the words of my mouth, the thoughts in my mind and deeds that I do today be pleasing and glorifying to you and your holy name. I ask it in Jesus' name. Amen


  1. I have been learning that He needs to exercise us, build us up, and it will NOT be easy. I love your honesty, Kim. He knew how you would react before you even went. But you DID learn something. I would like to find more opportunities to be of some service around here, you have inspired me to do something!

    1. Ma,
      You would be welcome to go on any trip sponsored by my church; many people do this. We will be going back to West Liberty if you'd like to go sometime, let me know. I learned also that I need to do more and do without more!



  2. H Kim,
    Thank you for sharing your "lesson"--I have also been "learning" this week and when I was beating myself up the Lord gave me a scripture while I was praying about it--
    Kim PLEASE read 2 Corinthians 12:1-11.

    In Christ, Sarah

    1. Hi, Sarah,

      I have a pride issue; that's for sure, but God is tearing it out of me. Just when I think I'm getting better, my pride rears up and bites me real hard where I sit. Like Paul, the only thing I really can brag about is that God chose to speak my name and He gave me ears that heard and a heart that responded. May He be blessed and praised forever for that kindness to me. I knew I had it in me to murmur, but knowing that, I really thought I wouldn't do it. I hate it that I did it anyway. What a disappointment. I don't believe I will be so like to do that next time. My goal is to not even murmur or think anything unappreciative to myself.