Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Work in Progress

We've all seen that bumper sticker, "Christians aren't perfect; just forgiven", haven't we? These days there seems to be quite a discussion going on about Christians who are taking advantange of grace by using just such statements as that bumper sticker to explain their continuance of sinful behavior and Christians who believe that when you accept Christ as Savior all your sinful behavior stops.

I have recently begun reflecting on this in a more serious, sober way because I was having doubts as to whether or not I could say for certain that I had given my life to Christ because there was still sin in my life. My last POST: Am I Truly Saved reflects how this subject has been uppermost in my mind lately.

This past week there was a story in the news about Kylie Bisutti. Kylie is a young woman who in 2009 won a Victoria Secret modeling contract. She had gotten married shortly before she won the modeling contract. It seems that now, some two to three years later, Kylie has been convicted by the Holy Spirit of the appropriateness of modeling lingerie and underwear which for the most part is designed to enhance and expose the wearer and excite the audience. If you would like to read the whole story about Kylie, you can go HERE.
This is one of the comments made on the news article I read:

…how refreshing it is…to see someone getting PLAYED!… TANNER where was her “faith” before she entered and won the VS modeling contest? what do VS models do…model pant suits? huh? now that she has fame and a platform to work from she NOW finds her modesty so she can play the christ card….gimmee a break. anybody else falling for this b.s.?
God has shown me during this time of reflection how He has changed me; how he's taken me a step at a time from the glory of asking Him to re-birth me, to regenerate my heart, and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness to the glory of hating my pride, to the glory of wanting to be humble, to the glory of wanting Him to be glorified in my life. It didn't all come at once. It was a process.

God is in charge. If you read the Scriptures, it is not hard to understand that it is He who brings us to a place where we recognize our sinfulness; it isn't anything that we do. The Word is very clear that He is the one that calls us, and He is the one who changes us. Can He change all of our sinful behavior at once? I believe that He can. I believe that in most of us who accept His call on our lives though that He changes many things in us initially but that there are still many, many things that are changed in our day-to-day walk with Christ.

There are so many things that through age and living our lives and not knowing God that we come to think of as "normal" and right and not harming anyone that we don't even think of changing until God turns on a red light in our minds. Just like Kylie Bisutti who always wanted to be a model, and I'm sure thought modeling to be okay because in our culture, modeling is involved in advertising everywhere (and the Victoria Secret models are considered "THE MODELS" to be). From the time you are a small child (selling you the latest clothing, toys, etc.) through the teen years (selling you the latest hot footwear) to adulthood (selling you youth, class; whatever), we are bombarded with images trying to sell us something.

The Christian faith is one of GROWTH and CHANGE over time. Few who accept Christ today become a perfect role-model tomorrow, dropping all of their vices and issues overnight! As we live, we grow and learn, and the Spirit of God convicts us of our sins and issues. This is a LIFELONG PROCESS! Any Christian who looks back and cannot see that God is changing him/her, needs to re-evaluate whether or not they have truly surrendered their life to God.

I can't begin to write here all the things I have learned (by reading God's Word, meditating on it and being convicted by the Holy Spirit) is sin that once upon a time seemed so "normal" and acceptable to the world, but I can tell you this: Our adversary has done a really good job of deceiving us down through the ages, and unless and until we begin to deligently seek God by reading His Word, praying, meditating and spending time with like-minded believers, we can't even begin to know just how deep the deception goes.

I pray that all who stop here today will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to do just that.

Heavenly Father, we are literally like the sheep you call us. We need a Shepherd who loves us to keep us on the path which will not lead to our destruction. Thank you for being that Shepherd. God, I ask that anyone who visits here and reads this will be prompted by your Spirit to honestly examine their life to see if they have truly done what you require in order to claim that they belong to you. Lord, in these days of deceit, selfishness and self-satisfaction, we need you to help us see ourselves as you see us. Thank you for continuing to work in my life, helping me to see my sin as you see it and then helping me to change. All glory to you, Lord Jesus! In your name I pray. Amen

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  1. I most certainly agree that we are a work in progress, and He is patient!