Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do You Know My Jesus?

Another year is here. For those of us in many areas of the U.S., winter is here and we have several months of cloudy, cold, possibly rainy, snowy, icy weather ahead of us. When you add to that the fact that there could be war any day in the Mid East, the European Union is on the verge of a break up due to over indebtedness and our own country is basically broke and our money could be worth nothing any day, you find yourself asking where's the hope?

So I ask you: Do you know my Jesus? He's the one who gives me hope and a purpose in life. He took my focus off of myself and put it on Him. He makes me feel safe. He gives me peace. He loves me just as I am, and yet, because of who He is and the way He expects the best of me, I don't want to let Him down and I find myself being more honest, more open, more vulnerable, more giving, more loving, more understanding and accepting; so that even though He loves me just as I am, I find myself changing.

Jesus carries me through the hard days and walks beside me on the easy ones. He's never too busy to listen and His advice is always given with the intent to do the best for me and for anyone else who is involved. He heals the hurts deep within me by giving me a new understanding of things and an ability to forgive that is, itself, supernatural.

He's as old and wise as anyone ever could be, but He's young and hip and at the forefront of invention and imagination. He has no equal in artistic and/or musical ability. He wants to know everything about me down to how many hairs are on my head. He's never stuck up or too proud to hang around with the likes of me and He never makes me feel like I'm lacking or unimportant. He never gets tired; and he always energizes me.

If you do know Him, you know exactly what I'm talking about; if you don't know Him, you should! All you have to do is speak His name, tell Him where you're at in your life, what you've done wrong and how you want to do right. Give Him your hand. Ask Him to show you the way and then go with Him. Once you've experienced real life in Jesus, you'll never want to go back.

That's my hope for you for 2012; a real, living, breathing, one-on-one relationship with the best friend, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God-Man you could ever imagine. You know what? This could be the year we see Him face to face! So get to know Him, get ready and get excited. This could be our best year yet! There's the hope!


  1. Happy New Year! He does keep us optimistic in a dark time, doesn't He? Just knowing Him is enough to bring a smile to my face. He is THE HOPE. I pray more and more people come to know Him this year. Blessings to you Kim! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Elizabeth. Just wanted to let you know your blog is so powerful, so helpful, and so glorifying to God in your positivity! You are His vessel and it shows in all ways in you whom I have never met but care about like you were my next door neighbor! May God richly pour out his spirit upon you (and there's no better gift on earth than that!!) this year.

    Your Sister,


  3. Best post of the year!! I think without Him is gray and miserable just like the winter weather you described.

    Happy New Year!