Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Until an Opportune Time"

Last month, I posted a blog about how satan is like a hungry lion seeking those whom he may devour. During my Bible reading time this morning four small words caught my attention:

Luke 4:13 And when the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from him until an opportune time.

I knew that Jesus had been tempted by the devil as it is explicitly detailed in Luke 4:1-12, but those four words never hit me before. These four words tell me that satan tempted Jesus on other occasions; that satan saw Jesus as someone he could devour. Now, that's hubris! Not only did satan think he could ascend above the throne of God when he was in heaven, he thought he could be greater than God and when God dressed in the body of a man came to earth, satan thought he could devour him!

I always wondered why satan thought he could defeat God at the Battle of Armageddon. This is an angel whose pride and self-esteem know no bounds. He is so full of evil and himself that he doesn't give up; he just keeps going in his attempt to defeat God so that he can "be" God.

Be aware then, and be cautioned: If satan really believed that he could devour Jesus and was just waiting for an opportune time, know that he is just waiting for just such an occasion to come after you and me again and we need to be ready. Be prayed up and wearing the armor of God every single day! Don't give the enemy a foothold. Get rid of your anger and forgive. These are the things that God is saying to me today.

Lord, Jesus, I thank you that you are my high priest, interceding on my behalf to the Father. Thank you that you know what it's like to be tempted and tried. Thank you that you defeated satan on the cross that day and death when you were resurrected. Thank you that you now live inside of me and that you are greater than he that is in the world. Be my strength today, my source of power and inspiration to forgive those who hurt me and love those who hate me. I pray that you will be glorified in my life today, and I ask it in your name.


  1. Wonderful verse and essay! Great food for thought.I always wonder at satan's brazenness too. I mean, c'mon! Defeat God? Pride knows no bounds I guess. I pray daily that my flesh gives him no opportune time to return and pierce me. It sure is a battle. I can't wait until we are glorified in HIM, and released from the fleshly bondage. Then, satan will never, ever ever ever have an opportune time to get us again! And all because of His victory on our behalf. Wow.

  2. I've found that those "opportune times" for satan's attacks invariably come when I'm tired or distracted, especially when I imagine that the commands to "pray without ceasing" (1st Thess 5:17) and "rejoice always... again, rejoice!" (Phil 4:4) don't mean what they plainly do.

    It's another way of expressing the state of 'abiding' (resting in) the Father's love and sovereign care for us. Jesus knows our weaknesses... knows we won't be perfect, and so the power even to pray comes via him also.

    Whenever anyone brings up Luke 4 (and wouldn't ya' know it, but I was just drawn to it yesterday also!) I also like to remember how Jesus responded to each of the temptations: "it is written". When one considers the vast array of other things he could have said or done to correct the evil one, it's remarkable that he kept going back to the Word of God.

  3. Me, too, Elizabeth! Everyday there is less and less that I like about the world.

  4. Good post Kim. Oh how He loves us to endure all that he has for us.

    Here was an interesting take on the Garden temptation some reason Jesus was referring to in John 14:30 -