Thursday, October 20, 2011

God's Remnant

I watched a movie entitled "Agenda: The Grinding of America" with my family tonight. This is a documentary by Curtis Bowers about the overt agenda of the socialists and communists in America to destroy the country from within. You can watch the trailer HERE.

It was very interesting watching the movie with my husband and son and listening to their comments and questions. My husband is not born again and my son who is 12; well, it's questionable, to say the least, that he is born again, but they both had a lot of comments and questions throughout the 90 minute movie which took us 2.5 hours to watch. It was quite a challenge for me to answer their questions and comments correctly and in a way that I thought would please God, but I believe the Holy Spirit had been preparing me for this moment for the past couple of months.

The book of 1 Kings, chapter 19, tells the story of how Elijah, the prophet of God, (the same prophet who had caused a 3.5 year drought, the one who had been fed by ravens and caused the widow of Zarephath to have food for him and her many days when all she had was a little oil and a handful of meal; and yes, the same one who raised the widow's son from the dead, and killed 400 prophets of Baal after their God failed to show up at the contest of whose God was God) was running for his life because one little woman, Jezebel, had told him that she would kill him within 24 hours. Can you believe that an individual that God had used so mightily would be running for his life because a mere mortal woman had threatened his individual who only had to call on God to get His attention!

Elijah ran a day's journey into the wilderness and sat down under a juniper tree and told God he wanted to die; he'd had enough, he wasn't better than his ancestors and God should just take his life. That night while he slept, God sent an angel to minister to his physical needs by providing him with bread cooked over hot coals and a jug or water. You know how it is, once your tummy's full and you're warm, your body has a tendency to relax and want to go to sleep, which is precisely what Elijah did. The next day, the angel of the Lord did the same thing and told him that he had a journey to take that was too far for him to take without sustenance.

That bit of bread and jug of water carried Elijah 40 days in the wilderness to the mount of God. He found a cave that he could sleep in and verse 9 says that the "word of the Lord came to him and he said unto him, What dost thou here, Elijah?" We are told in the first chapter of John that Jesus is the word made flesh, so, in other words, Jesus spoke to Elijah and asked him what are you doing out here, Elijah. Elijah replies telling him how zealous he has been for God and the children of Israel (who have BTW forsaken their covenant with God and worshiped other gods) and killed God's prophets and that he was the only one left and now "they seek to kill me".

So Jesus tells Elijah to go and stand outside on the mountain (which he does) and then, lo and behold, the Lord passes by and there's a huge wind which tears at the mountains and an earthquake but the Lord is not either one of those two huge occurences, nor in the fire that happens next. No, it is in the still small voice (delicate whispering voice in my Bible's notes) Jesus shows up and asks Elijah again, "What doest thou here, Elijah?"

You'd think Elijah would be down on his hands and knees cowering before God, saying "I don't know, Lord; what am I doing out here" but instead Elijah repeats his earlier montage of how zealous he's been for God, etc., and now "I, even I only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away."

The Lord tells Elijah to go and annoint the new king of Syria and the new king of Israel and to annoint Elisha as the prophet to succeed him. Verse 18 sums it all up when the Lord says:

Yet I have left [me] seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

In other words, Elijah, I still have 7,000 others in Israel who are loyal to are not the only one left.

Hold that thought for a minute and I'll tell you how that applies to the Agenda.

I became very active during our last presidential election; mostly because I felt that democratic candidate expressed so many ideas and political rhetoric that had a definite "anti-God message and/or feel. However, over the course of the last three years, God has shown me that politics and earthly governments are not where my (or anyone other follower of His) focus needs to be. I believe I am to be educated and wise about who is being offered up as the leader of my country and to inquire of God who I am to support, but that being said, no leader or nation or government on this earth will ever really have the answer to what ails the world. Actually, I'm at the point where I'm beginning to doubt if I am even to be concerned with elections at all and I'm beginning to think that God has given our country over to our own evil wishes and desires. I know that it is only in God that we will find peace, liberty and happiness with life.

God will always make for Himself a remnant, and because of that He will accomplish His purpose and plan for all of creation. The only important question is: "Are you a part of the remnant?" God can do more through a measly 7,000 followers than satan and all of his evil associates along with the whole world can. God does have a plan and it is unfolding daily right before our eyes. I have been studying and learning so much that proves over and over that the Bible is true and correct and infallible; things that take away all doubt about the veracity of the Bible and it being the inspired Word of God.

If you are not part of the remnant, I can't say enough to encourage you to seek God with all of who you are. The Bible tells us that those who seek Him with their whole being will not be disappointed. He will let you find Him. He will answer you, and while the rest of the world is upset and angry and fighting and picketing or whatever they do at their protests, you will be quietly going on with your life knowing that nothing is going to happen to you today that God does not already know about. You can rest in Him and trust Him not only to take care of your physical needs but to love and care for your soul like no one else ever has or ever will.

If you are in the remnant, you know what to do...only what He tells you.

I pray for anyone who may read this to be blessed by the presence of God in a special way in their life and that they would be drawn ever closer to His throne, that they would learn to worship and adore Him and and to praise Him for who He is and what's He's done and that they would be filled with a peace that only those "in Him" can know.


  1. "However, over the course of the last three years, God has shown me that politics and earthly governments are not where my (or anyone other follower of His) focus needs to be."

    I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to know how involved/uninvolved to be.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Great from your heart stuff! I do relate. I have opted out of politics and feel so at peace with that. Jesus did not come to earth to save governments but to save individuals. That is where I want my heart to be.
    God bless, Sarah

  3. Hi Kim, I join with you in prayer for your husband and son coming to and receiving God's TRUTH. God knows what will "spark" them! May His Love over take them and His Joy be theirs. In Jesus.
    Good for you presenting a show to bring up the direction of the world.
    The show "23 Minutes in Hell" may help too. I know my siblings wouldn't want to watch it, but may our Loving Lord open them to the truth of Heaven and Hell.
    A show I was inspired to arrange regarding the recent protests on Wall Street (I referred to it on Cindy's blog) is the OWS Rage Daze. Some of 'pushing for the' One World, consciously or ignorantly. Fits into this movie you mentioned - same source. Thanks for sharing.