Saturday, August 20, 2011

Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about the Lord and the way He works in my life from my heart. Then I got all caught up in a being a blog that was "scripture based", and I got lost along the way. I have not blogged for the past couple of weeks because the Lord has stopped me. I have been asking Him for something to write and this morning He has given it to me as I layed in bed.

I saw the movie The Help yesterday. It is a poignant tale about relationships between employers (wealthy white women) and their maids (black women) in the 1960s. As with all poignant tales, there are things you can laugh about and things that make you cry. If you're like me, those things that make you cry also make you ashamed.

I have a friend, who has now moved to the east coast, that I met about ten years ago when I sold her a home here in SW Ohio. She is a beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent, kind, christian black woman. We've been in many prayer meetings together and sat together in church many Sunday mornings.

I can remember one particular Sunday, I believe it was a Sunday just before Martin Luther King day when our pastor ran a movie about Rev. King and it showed the bigotry and prejudice the people of my race showed to the people of his race back in the day. I cried with shame. I reached out to touch my sister's hand and told her how sorry I was for all the hurt and harm done to her black brothers and sisters. That's how I felt during The Help. I hate bigotry and prejudice and have tried all my life to shake off the drops of it that fell on me from my parents. I hope my children have been able to shake off more. Maybe someday we WILL all come to know that Jesus loves everyone, no matter what sex or color they are.

I came away from the movie with a few thoughts that I quickly posted on facebook last night: 1) there has always been bigotry and prejudice on earth (you only have to look back at Israel becoming slaves of the Egyptians); 2) There is still bigotry and prejudice but I believe many people have taken a giant step away from it; and 3) We must all pray that God will enable all of us to love each other the way He does.

However, this morning, as I lay thinking about God, my thoughts drifted away to the movie and how black families were portrayed in the movie as being so godly, and that caused me to think about the rich heritage of godliness that the Black Americans had as I grew up.

It came to me that when our lives are filled with difficulties and prejudice and persecution and hard time, period, we are humbled to the point that we cry out to God; morning, noon and night we call on Him. We realize our great need for Him. But, just as soon as it all lets up, we get out and make a little money and get our confidence in ourselves back, we lose that humbleness of spirit and mindset that shows us just how God-needy we really are.

I would rather, right this minute, lose everything I have and be humbled and dependent upon God than to have everything the world has to offer and not have God. God really is what life is all about even though most of us don't want to accept that. This story that we're living our right now is not about us, but about Him, and just like Moses, David, Esther, Ruth, Naomi, Deborah, Elijah, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter, John, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King and Abiliene and Winnie (from the movie), we have a moment etched in time for us to stand up, be brave and do that for which God has brought us into being. It is not a moment of self-reliance, self-assuredness or dependence on anyting that this world has to offer but it is a moment when we realize that all we are and ever will be are reliant on God and His work in our lives and that unless we stand up and do that thing which He calls us to do our lives will have been lived in vain.

Some will have great tasks that require much knowledge, strength, wisdom and/or courage, and some will have a small unknown task. The THING is that we have to recognize it as something that we were born to do and then DO it, and I believe it will be a HARD thing. No, it can't be easy because then it would be something that you can do without putting your heart and soul into it.

I have been a very self-assured, self-centered person in my past. God has used my illness and now this summer the illness of my son to show me that it's all right to achieve success as this world sees it, but it's not what is really important. What is really important is being there when someone you love needs you, when the people you love needs you, when the world you live in needs you; being there completely in mind and body and giving your heart and soul to the task at hand, realizing that without Him you couldn't do "it" (whatever "IT" is) and giving God the glory and honor and praise while you do it.

That's what the movie The Help is all about. Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord and HE will lift you up (when He's ready to).

Finally, then, this blog will go back to being about my thoughts and feelings about the Lord. I may quote scripture to back it up and I may not. I am not a teacher of scripture. I am woman living out my life and loving and trusting God to lead me to and through all the HARD things he has waiting for me to do in this life...affectionately called "the race" to those who love Him and are called according to HIS purposes.

God bless you with His presence today.


  1. thanks for putting your heart and soul into Serving him, Kim. You're a blessing to know. God bless you. Charley