Friday, March 4, 2011

Rooted and Grounded

God has begun speaking to His creation in the weather lately. Around here, you cannot go anywhere without your attention being drawn by the sight of so many large trees and/or limbs which are down due to the two ice storms we have suffered through in the past month.

The ice on the trees and shrubbery was beautiful to behold, glistening and shimmering, especially when the sun came out; there's no doubt about that. But once the ice got about 1/2 inch thick, it became so heavy that it pulled the tree right out of the ground or broke the limb off completely from the tree. There are, of course, plenty of trees still standing tall and firm in the ground so it's obvious that some trees and limbs are more strongly rooted and grounded and, therefore, unable to be separated from its host.

God wants us to be rooted and grounded in Him so that we flourish and grow in our faith and our love for Him and grow in our desire for His purposes to be accomplished in the world.

What does it take to have a strong root? Being the novice gardener, I have seen some of my garden plants thrive while others are lackluster and unproductive.

You need good soil to plant the seed in. The soil has to be prepared. It's obvious when you're talking about dirt, that you need to make sure the dirt is organic and well fertilized, so how do you apply that to a person's heart?

The heart of a proud, self-confident, self-assured, self-reliant person has not been prepared to receive the message of humility, faith in God, and submission to higher authority. So, it seems that our hearts are best prepared to receive the gospel of God when we are experiencing hard times; when we have no hope in ourselves. Is it possible that those times when we can barely lift our heads are the times that God is preparing the soil of our hearts for Him. The Bible says that He is the lifter of our heads: Psalm 3:3

But thou, O LORD, [art] a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

We also need an accurate understanding of who God is. Psalm 97:2 says that the foundation of His throne is justice and righteousness. We need our eyes opened to God's right-ness; how everything about God is good and true and holy and pure and how He is 100% fair in everything He does and in His judgment about what His creation is doing. Once we understand His holiness and goodness, have been brought down from our high and mighty perch and realize how little we can do in and of ourselves, the seed begins metamorphosis.

Your seed then needs to receive plenty of light or sunshine. From the perspective of growth in your faith, I believe this means you must plant yourself in places where God's light can shine on you. For example, plant yourself in the Word of God, morning, noon and night; go to church, fellowship with other believers, seek His presence in prayer at all times.

The soil needs to be fertilized regularly for optimal growing conditions. Fertilizer is basically food for dirt. Jesus, on many occasions referred to himself as the bread of life. Jesus Christ, who in 1 John is literally referred to as the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us, is to be the food of your life. Fill yourself with God's Word, take in as much as you can. Chew on it; listen to good Bible teaching, memorize scripture, talk about the verses that really speak to your heart with other christians; listen to worship music and, of course, pray for growth in faith, hope and love.

Finally, the soil needs plenty of life giving water. Jesus IS the living water and He said that those who drink from His well will never thirst again.

If God has lit a fire in you to know Him, and you have heard the call and want to grow in a relationship with God, then you must follow the call; ask God to reveal Himself to you in a new and greater way today; spend lots of time in prayer and in God's Word, seeking always to be in God's presence, literally living on Him by eating (his food)the Word and drinking His life giving water (the holy spirit) and living in the light of the sun (son).

It is then and only then that your roots will become strong and you will become firmly attached to Him.

He wants us to be strong in Him so that we will never come crashing to the ground. He will never let go of us but we can let go of Him if our roots are not deep enough or if our hold on Him is weak. We are admonished to "hold fast" our profession of faith nine times in the Bible (KJV), including: in Hebrews 10:23, Job 27:6, 1 Thes 5:21, and 2 Tim 1:3. If you have accepted the life-giving message of Christ, hold fast, be rooted and grounded in Him, make your growing conditions perfect for your relationship to grow and bloom and enjoy the sweet scent of the flower of perfection in Christ.

God bless you with His wisdom, peace and love today and may you grow strong in His perfect will for your life.


  1. EXCELLENT! What a wonderful Word for the day.

    Blessings, Kim<><

  2. What a great analogy!

    Blessings in Christ