Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let Us Not Sleep, As Do Others, But Let Us Watch and Be Sober

For the past three years, thanks to God's grace, I have been watching and waiting for his imminent return. The Lord sat me down, after years of aimless running after love, money, and recognition, due to health reasons. I think what made my interest in the end times prophecies catch fire was the election and many things said and done by then candidate, Barack Obama, which caused my eyebrows to lift and say, "Could this man be the anti-christ". My watch has become second nature now due to events occurring world wide. Many say that no man can known the day and hour of Christ's return. I, however, do not agree. If Christ expected the Jews to know when he would show up the first time, do we think He would not expect the Church (His Body) to know when He would return the second time? (I'm not talking about the rapture of the Church.)

I am convinced, due to the diligent efforts of others, that we are indeed living in the last days. I am listing videos and articles below that I believe are very convincing. Please watch them so you cannot say you were never warned.

I would like to tell you, too, that being a Christian, in other words a follower of Christ, means born again (or born over) in spirit and it entails a complete submission of your will to that of Christ. Living your life as He directs you to live it. It is not a quick prayer of I'm sorry I did that God. It is a daily examination of your life being lived out as He calls the play by play. It is not easy, but it is oh so worth it. I have seen his hand at work in my life so many times (in spite of myself) and having his presence in my life is something to watch as He works in me and I learn and grow. I pray that all who come here to read this will seek Him. If you seek Him with a sincere heart, He is faithful to show Himself to you.

The first video is a presentation by Pastor Mark Biltz, a Messianic Jew who has discovered astonishing signs from the NASA web site about signs in the heavens that are consistent with the Bible's prophecies in Revelation which will occur in 2014-2015.

Signs in the Heavens

This video explains why the Body of Christ will/should know when His return to rule and reign is...not the rapture.

Thief in the Night

A document which acts as the "witness" or confirmation of Pastor Biltz's tetrad.

For God's Spirit Shall Not Always Strive with Man...Yet his days shall be for a hundred and twenty years.

More Info

And Yet More Info

Two additional resources which confirm Pastor Biltz's information:

Daniels' Timeline

The Final 7 Years Are Here Now


  1. Hi Kim,
    I agree that we can know the time of Yeshua's return. I believe that what that scripture really means is so simple that when I heard it I knew that was correct. The fact is that our planet has 24 main time zones and an addition 15 or so local time zones. And some countries actually drop time zones occasionally like Russia recently did. So the time and day when Jesus returns will be different all over the world and therefore no man knows the day or hour.

  2. Hi, Sarah! glad to see you here! I read your blog all the time and enjoy it very much. Thanks for commenting. The more I study, the more I am convinced that He does want us to know when He's returning. I'm not so sure about the rapture, though. That's one I'm still trying to figure out. Got any insight?

  3. Well I've studied this subject diligently and I really am no closer to fully understanding than when I started. I used to be pre-trib many years ago, then after seeing so many scripture contradictions to that I became adamantly post-trib/pre-wrath. But lately I am thinking there is much more to it than our pea brains can comprehend. There could be more than one rapture. The parable of the 10 virgins and other scriptures do lead me to see that some are counted worthy to escape all these things. Also, something the Lord said to me was very encouraging, I had asked about the mark of the beast and He said "There is no mark for you, you will be with me." Now that can mean many things, like maybe I die before that time. So we'll see. I am just praying for the Lord's soon coming. I am ready to go.
    God bless! Sarah

  4. I don't know where I got this, but I loved the comment someone made about the church being who is taken along with Israel to Bosra when the AofD occurs and it is Christ who protects and provides his people during that time. Yes, being in heaven as a raptured bride would be excellent, but just being with Him and protected supernaturally by Him will be wonderful, too. I trust Him and so I know all will go just as He plans. Nice to talk with you, Sarah.