Monday, January 24, 2011

I Could Dance and Sing

Yes, today I could jump for joy, I can laugh and smile; I want to sing and dance and twirl around, I would do a cartwheel if I could Why, you ask? I have the joy of the Lord! Praise God!! Hallelujah!! May all creation sing with me the praises of our God and Creator, our Savior Jesus the Christ!!!

He is faithful and true, my strong tower, in Him do I trust.

Again, you ask; Why are you so happy today? I am not happy...I am joyful because I can count on God. He nudges us over on to a path that we're not familiar with and we get quite gripey, we're afraid we'll trip or slip or hit a place where we're unsure and lose our balance and fall. Somehow, we manage to stay on the trail. Little by little I see that had I not taken this path, I'd have missed some of the breautiful scenery, I wouldn't have learned the new, more beneficial route, and I wouldn't be seeing the benefits of trusting Him manifest itself in me in that my faith is being increased.

As a person who has been diagnosed with parkinson's disease, I, of course, have been advised by my neurologist to take the drug Sinemet. My father had PD, and he took the drug 30 years ago. It's been around a long while and is "mostly" considered safe. I noted while reading the disclaimer included with the drug that two of its side effects are 1) malignant melanoma and 2) myocardial infarction. Since then, I have been longing to be off of this medication. The problem, though, is (and I have to be realistic here) that the medication, for the most part, DOES help me to be mobile, limber and able to function normally.

Last summer, the Lord spoke to me in three dreams: 1) to fast for three days; 2) to teach my son about Him; and 3) to stop taking my medication. You can't know how terrifying this is to hear. I thought about it for a while and made mention of it a few times to various people but layed it aside as being "my imagination".

Over the last six months; however, it seemed like everywhere I turned I was hearing, seeing or reading something which confirmed to me that God was calling me to surrender my medication to Him. I was so afraid to do it, though, because I knew that to do so would render me basically a slave to my home; no driving and very little walking while in the grasp of a "PD moment".

It hit me full in the face last week when my son, who was home as a result of our latest snowfall, and I decided to read devotions and pray together. I told him he could choose our Bible reading, and he chose the 21st and 22nd verses of Revelation. Revelation 21:8 says it all:

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Plus God spoke to me in my quiet time asking me why He should ask Abraham to prove his faith by sacrificing his son and not ask me to prove mine by giving up my meds.

Later that day, he led me to this devotional that I am not accustomed to reading.

God also led me to prayer partner with another blogger for the duration of a fast that person is doing so I sent a quick email to see if they perceived this to be a confirmation of God telling me this is what I need to do. Their answer "yes"!

So when I combine this with the fact that I have been praying for God's wisdom in raising my son and in my relationship with my husband and how great this past weekend was for our family, I get filled with the joy of the Lord!

My son is a trying child; always has to have the last word; never obeys inherently; always a procrastinator and my husband loses it with him often and quickly. So things have been quite like walking on egg shells the past couple of months. BUT I prayed for wisdom WITH faith that He would answer and HE DID! He has been leading me with my son and also with my husband and we just spent a yell-free week end and a quite enjoyable one it was at that!

I love God! He is so good, so wise and so willing to meet us if we'll just reach out to Him. It doesn't mean that what He leads you to and through will not be painful because it probably will be, but He is faithful to go through it with you and bear the burden with you.

Won't you give Him a chance? Ask Him to meet you and lead you today.


  1. Rejoicing with you sister! Praise the Lord:)

  2. Thanks, Ma. I'm not saying I've made it, that He's perfected me, or anything like that. I'm rejoicing because my faith is growing! Hallelujah!