Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prayer...the Ultimate Weapon in Spiritual Warfare?

What is the purpose to which we are called? We have been given the mighty job of completing the work of Christ on earth - to serve the poor, widows and orphans and to set the oppressed free by sharing the good news of the gospel, that I know.

This I am unsure of, but I thought the spirit spoke to me during my quiet time this morning that perhaps we are not taking this call from God on our lives seriously enough; or maybe it's just me. Maybe, just maybe, God needs us to be in serious contemplation of hearing Him call us out without notice to pray. How many times a day am I about my own business, when God might be calling me to prayer because of a spiritual war going on somewhere. That prayer for a person or a situation may be just what's needed to put into action the one thing that needs to happen for God's Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven - you know...the snowball effect!

I know that God does not "need" me or any other person to accomplish what He wants to be done because He can do anything. God's purposes will be accomplished whether we are obedient or not. However, God does need to work in the hearts and lives of people and I believe that it takes prayer on our part to help that happen. If His purpose was to just wave a magic wand and exercise control over all humanity and creation, he could have done it that way. But God loves us, and He wants to work in our lives, my life, your life, their lives; and He does that when we seek Him and His purpose and hope for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We accomplish this by prayer.

I remember one night immediately after 9/11, I was awakened at 2:00 a.m., it was very quiet. All air travel had been shut down, and I live about 5 miles north of our local international airport, so it was really quiet. I knew in my spirit that something was going on somewhere that was of spiritual warfare in nature and that I was to pray. So I prayed intensely and purposefully for about ten to 15 minutes and then I layed down and went immediately back to sleep. That was thing...that I went immediately back to sleep because normally when I wake up in the middle of the night for ten to 15 minutes, I am awake for at least an hour or two. So I knew it was God calling me to prayer.

If I am not focused on the Lord's voice at all times, how do I know if maybe He doesn't call me several times a day to pray for something that is happening who knows where in the world? That prayer that He wants me to pray might be the difference in life and death for someone, or it might be the difference in God's messenger getting through. Remember how in Daniel 10:22 the messenger from God told Daniel he had been delayed by the prince of Persia. What if the fact of our listening to the holy spirit's urging to pray might be the difference in preventing a delay of this nature? God alone knows what all is going on around us in other dimensions. Have you ever read Frank Perretti's This Present Darkness? I highly reccomend it for a glimpse into what spiritual warfare is like.

My prayer today is that I and all of God's people will be given the desire to be intent on hearing the voice of God urging us to pray. I don't believe we have to know specifically what we are praying for, but if you hear God tell you that, too, definitely pray specifically.

Lord, Jesus, I pray that today your Will will be accomplished on earth as it is in Heaven. I pray that Satan and his followers will be defeated in their attempts to deceive, murder and destroy mankind. I ask further Lord that your people will be fully clothed today with your armor, the shoes of the gospel of peace and will be fully prepared to use the sword of the spirit in the defense of the gospel and for winning the battle for the souls of the lost and those in danger of being overtaken by the enemy. I ask this in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus Christ. The name above all names and to whom all creation will bow their knee and their tongue confess that He is Lord of Lord and Kings of Kings. To Him be the glory and honor forever. Amen.

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