Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the Year Dwindles Away...

The close of the year always makes me reflective. This morning I seemed to go into meditative overdrive. For the past 2-3 years, I have been actively watching for the return of Jesus. Prior to that time, I was on the treadmill of life known as "Hurry Up and Succeed". I am so thankful that God saw fit to slow me down and open my eyes and ears to what was going on around me. I praise Him and thank Him that He took notice of me and cared that I was headed in the wrong direction...the one away from Him.

A few months ago, I decided to make a list of the ways that God has changed me in those 2-3 years. If Christ is truly in our life, we should be able to see what a difference He is making:

* He changed my focus from selling homes, making money and being recognized to Him and His agenda for my life and His return;
* My prayer life has had at least a fourfold increase;
* My love of the Bible has been increased which has increased my study time and my reading-it-for-pleasure time;
* My desire to what He wants me to do has increased;
* My faith has increased;
* My appreciation for who He is and what He has done has increased;
* My love for Him has increased;
* My love for the things He loves has increased;
* My hate for the things He hates has increased;
* I cry much more easily about injustice and sin;
* I am uplifted more by things that inspire me;
* I feel repulsed by obscene things more than I ever did before;
* I WANT to give support to worthy causes;
* I WANT to help others;
* I WANT to tell others about Christ and His love and the great effect He has on our lives when we turn them over to Him;
* I think about Him ALL THE TIME.

I wish you had known the before-me and now the after-me! You could know the profound difference now if you had.

Because I have been watching for Him now for almost three years, I can tell you there has been a not-so-subtle change in the world in those three years. I truly believe we are the last generation and that we will see the return of Christ. There have been many who have "date set" when He will return, and I believe the people who have studied these things and written them have revealed things previously unknown about scripture and the return of the real King. Many of the things written were very persuasive and believable. If you have an interest in following such things, here are a couple of web sites that provide ongoing watch services (please note, I do not endorse ALL that is written there, but I do believe in the sincerity of their hearts and their love for God. The rest you should take to the Lord in prayer.):

John McTernan
Daniel's Timeline
Signs of the End

Date setting aside, the thing that really keeps me watching is the voice of the Holy Spirit within me. I hear Him telling me that "time is short"; "keep watching"; "tell others to be alert and ready" within me everyday. Most people have begun to think I'm crazy or a little off or "negative". Telling a person they are negative is one of the main ways that people try to get you to shut up. No one wants to be a "drainer" or a "Negative Nelly", but I've decided that if my telling people that the Lord is coming back, the world is now in the hands of evil people and it's time to get serious about our relationship with the King makes me negative, then "Nelly" I will be.

I believe that there are several things currently in the news that will have a profound effect on society in the upcoming year. They are: the dividing of the nation of Israel; the homosexual agenda; the failure of the Church to teach the true gospel of salvation; the rise of Islam; and the rise of socialism/communism in the world.

These are things that believers in Christ should be well versed in. I know there's very little good news in the news, but we have to remember that there is GREAT news in the Bible, and we need to be reading that daily.

Unless you have a heart that truly wants to do God's Will, the message I have for you today about the new year and what it brings, will be one that will be hard for you to hear. It is also, for personal reasons, one that is hard for me to give, but the Spirit of God speaks, and I must listen and obey.

Daniel at Prayers for the People posted this video today and I believe His words and this video have a message that all should hear. The governments of the nations' insistence on dividing the land in Israel is going to be a big problem for all the people in the world. Zecariah 12:2,3

Two articles I read this week which address the homosexual agenda and God's Word regarding it, gave me great pause.

The Ordnance of the Amorites

and a brutal article from a lady named Devvy Kidd regarding the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It's not for the faint of heart or easily offended. She minces no words.

It appears to me that the Church has taken on many aspects of the politically correct society that we are all so much of these days. I want to point out that Jesus was not politically correct. All he said and did was done at the direction of the Father and were done and said in love. His Word states in John 3:17:

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

God loves us all with an everlasting love. Even after Judas betrayed him to His death, Jesus called him "friend", and I believe if Judas had repented prior to His death, he would have been forgiven just like you and me. Since Christ did not come to condemn, neither do I. I know that there are many who believe they were "born" homosexual. Maybe you were, because God's Word says that all were born sinners, and that we must be born again. I am not trying to single out homosexuals, but ALL that are involved in sexual sin or impurity; i.e., porn addicts, pedophiles, beastiality, sex outside of marriage, adultery, etc.

The Word of God is very explicit on who WILL NOT inherit the kingdom of God:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

One only has to open a newspaper or go to a news site, to know that Islam is on the rise around the world and is now a major force to be reckoned with in the world.

Last, but not least, you only have to have one eye open and able to hear in one ear to see and hear how fast socialism and/or communism is being embraced by countries all over the world. Freedom is quickly running down the drain.

Where can we go but to the Lord? He is our rock, our strong tower, and our shelter in the storm. The upcoming year looks to me like a year where we will want to have our secret place with the Lord ready and waiting to be put to good use.

Lord, my prayer today is that all who read these words will be struck with the realization of their need for you. May they not go in to the new year without turning their lives over to you. Strengthen them, then, Lord, to walk with you everyday, increase their desire to know and love you, and give them a desire to do any and all things which you call them to do, no matter what it is. In Jesus' name, Lord, give them your wisdom and sense of discerment. In Jesus name and for His glory and honor, I pray.

May Your Spirit be at one with God in the new year!

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