Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking Themselves Equal to God....

The Lord has led me to read the book of Isaiah completely for the first time. I have read many parts of it from time to time but never the whole book. This is an important book, there's no doubt about it. It is filled with who God is, what He has done and what He will do. It is filled with God's words spoken through the prophet Isaiah. It is filled with God's glory, His wisdom, His love, purpose and plan for mankind. It also shows God's derision for mankind's measly efforts to make his own god or be his own god.

I awakened very early this morning (about 3 a.m.) and knew that I was supposed to pray (which I did). I also meditated on the Word I had read before I went to bed which was Chapters 41, 42, and 43 of the book of Isaiah. The Lord showed me how several things I saw online yesterday were in complete accord with what I had read.

First, I saw this on Ed's site Not Another Conspiracy:

Genetically Modified Apple Won't Turn Brown

A little later, I was perusing the Fox News web site and saw this article on scientists manipulating mice so that they do not grow old.

Prior to going to sleep last night, I read the following in the book of Isaiah:

"Let them try to tell us what happened long ago or what the future holds.
Isa 41:23 Yes, that's it! If you are gods, tell what will occur in the days ahead. Or perform a mighty miracle that will fill us with amazement and fear. Do something, whether good or bad!
Isa 41:24 But no! You are less than nothing and can do nothing at all. Anyone who chooses you becomes filthy, just like you!
Isa 41:25 "But I have stirred up a leader from the north and east. He will come against the nations and call on my name, and I will give him victory over kings and princes. He will trample them as a potter treads on clay.
Isa 41:26 "Who but I have told you this would happen? Who else predicted this, making you admit that he was right? No one else said a word!
Isa 41:27 I was the first to tell Jerusalem, `Look! Help is on the way!'
Isa 41:28 Not one of your idols told you this. Not one gave any answer when I asked.
Isa 41:29 See, they are all foolish, worthless things. Your idols are all as empty as the wind.

For some reason, then when I awakened this morning and was thinking about these two articles, the Lord brought to my mind the scientists at C.E.R.N. and their large hydron collider with which they are trying to reproduce the big bang which brought forth all of creation (in their opinion). For more information, go HERE.

The Lord showed me during my prayer time that this is all about mankind making themselves out to be like God by manipulating His creation and trying to reproduce His ability to create something out of nothing. Whether it's making your own god out of a block of wood or a piece of metal, or setting yourself up to be god by playing with the gene pool of mice, men, food and more, it is IDOLATRY and therefore high on the list of things abominable to God. I was aware, in my spirit, of the Lord indicating that the Tower of Babel is almost re-completed for that is what is happening here. Mankind is once again trying to rise up to the level of and above God himself. God is not mocked and will not continue to put up with man's petty efforts to outdo Him. He is coming soon to mete out justice. Are you ready? Do you know Jesus as Savior of the world, the Son of God and the soon-coming King of Kings?

If not, I urge you to not delay, seek Him for all you are worth, and He will more than likely be found when you are bowed low, on your knees and asking Him to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to show you your sin, to inspire within you a desire to repent, and to inspire the desire to change and conform to His likeness.

He is faithful and just . He will forgive all your sins, cleanse you from all unrighteousness and though your sin be as scarlet, He will make them as white as snow!

God bless you with His presence today.


  1. Hi Kim,

    I often wonder if they know what it is they are doing, or attempting to do. I wonder if they know the repercussions, both worldly and from God. I often ask myself, why do they do these things. For riches, to be idolized, for what reason. How can they think it is for the betterment of the world, when they continue to destroy it.

    This could be long and deep, so I'll stop. Thanks for the mention.

    Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Out of context here, but it fits.

  2. Marvelous as always, Kim. Thanks for sharing and being obedient to what you are hearing from the Lord. Isaiah absolutely *rocks*! I particularly enjoy the no-nonsense, almost-but-not-quite sarcastic 'accent' that comes through in his conveying the words of the Lord.

    Regarding CERN and man arrogantly messing with the stuff of life, the universe and everything, Chuck Missler did a series earlier this month ('Beyond Perception') which I'm just now getting 'round to listening to. In one of the first shows he talks quite a bit about CERN, what they're doing, how much it's costing, and how it is even more 'in-your-face' towards the Creator than most imagine.

  3. Hi, Ed,

    So glad to see you here. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but just like Eve, they have bought Satan's lie of "you surely won't die" for doing these things. He's really good at pushing that lie and it keeps being bought by mankind.
    God bless. How's your sister?

  4. Thank you, Art. I will check it out. I have doing some of Nancy's studies lately and they are excellent as well. Glad to see your latest excellent, as usual, blog up!

  5. Hi Kim,

    You're correct with your assessment. Still, I don't understand how some of the brightest minds in the world are duped so easily. They must believe they are doing the right thing. I wonder if they really consider their actions, or just doing it for praise and money ?

    -- sis is still holding her own. Since her last round of chemo about 3 weeks ago which almost finished her battle, she has decided she's had enough. She finally found her peace and will let it run it's course. Thanks for asking.