Monday, November 29, 2010

Putting on the Mind of Christ

Putting on the mind of Christ is not as easy as it sounds. You first have to realize where you and He don't think alike, ask for forgiveness for your willfulness, and then ask Him to help you see life as He sees it and to give you the desire and the power to change your thinking.

I think, at the shallowest part of each one of us is the idea that we know everything (otherwise known as know-it-allness). We really think we don't need anyone (especially an unseen God) to tell us how to live our lives. I see it in people of all ages, even my 11 year old son. But look where that gets us.

Jesus' thoughts were always of what His Father wanted, what was best for mankind and very little about what pertained to himself. He sought only to do that which pleased the Father. That was the mind of Christ - striving to please the Father by doing only what the Father wanted him to do. That is what we are to do as his followers. Everytime the word "I" pops into the mind along with the words, "want", "will" "wish" "am", you might to put on the brakes a bit and think if those same words sound the same as "God wants", "God wills", "God wishes" and "God is". If you get an okay from the holy spirit; proceed with ears alert and eyes open. If there are no further bumps that slow you down and cause you to question what you're doing or the motive for doing it, I believe you can move on. But if questions continue to pop up in your mind, you might want to sit down and pray for God's wisdom and leading. That is, if you want to put on the mind of Christ.

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  1. I can dig it:)

    I tend to veer toward know-it-all-ness:( Something I must seek Him for!