Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Does It Mean to "Honor the Sabbath and Keep It Holy"?

I was introduced to a piece of information today that startled me: There is much more tothe commandment to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy than to take a day off from our labors.

Are you like me? Have you been operating under the delusion that today's world and church has imposed upon us? The delusion that tells us that the commandment to Honor the sabbath and keep it holy means to not work one day out of every week, go to church and spend the day thinking and studying about God? Maybe this is common knowledge. Maybe I'm the only delusional person walking around, I don't know; and if I am, then my apologies to you for boring you with this diatribe.

Sabbath Rest is not just about not working one day a week; God wants us to rest from ALL our labors everyday and to live under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit! When it's put that simply, I think, "yeah, everyone surely already understands this". I didn't, though, and so maybe there's someone else out there that needs this information, too.

When God created Adam and Eve, He did not put within them the ability to discern right from wrong. They got their instructions daily, directly from God when they walked with Him in the garden. He told them to eat whatever they wanted except for one type of fruit; He told them to work the garden; He told them to be fruitful and multiply, etc. Adam and Eve were not caught up in anxiety, confusion, panic, worthlessness, or lack of direction. Each and every day God walked and talked with them and told them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and they trusted Him and obeyed Him. They walked in a perfect state of peace and harmony with God knowing exactly what He would have them to do at all times.

It was not the fruit itself that brought condemnation upon Adam and Eve; it was in disobeying God's command not to do a certain act. The serpent knew that as long as Adam and Eve walked with God every day and did as He instructed them, they would be live in joyful existence with their creator, and it was only if he could get them to partake of his desire to "be as God" that he could put them with him on the road to death and destruction. It was in doing something that God told them not to do (working outside of God's Sabbath Rest) that brought about their and mankind's subsequent problems.

Jesus said that he only did what God told him to do and that he did nothing of his own will. It came to me, as I studied this, that in our world today we are rarely taught to consult with God, or anyone else in authority for that matter, on what we should be doing at any given moment. I see it and hear it all around me everyday: young mothers and fathers trying to reason with their children, trying to please them by asking "what do want?" "what do you think?" instead of just telling them...this is what you have to do or asking them, "what do you think God wants you to do?".

We should be instilling within our children a desire and a need to consult God on even the smallest detail in their lives from the moment they can understand what we are saying instead of instilling in them a desire to do what they want and to have their own way from their earliest days of comprehension. You might ask me what this example of parenting has to do with entering God's Sabbath rest, and my answer to you would be that if children cannot learn to follow the leading of their parents, how will they ever learn to follow the leading of the holy spirit?

I know that when a person surrenders their life to Christ, Christ can work many miraculous changes in them to bring them to the place where they live spirit led lives. But how many of us can say that we do nothing of our own volition; that in everything we do we are being led by the Spirit of God? That is the place where God wants us to be...resting completely in Him and being led of His Spirit.

For a complete understanding of Sabbath Rest, I would direct you to Joseph Herrin's teaching at his Heart4God website.

As Joseph would say..."May you be blessed with peace and understanding" in this matter today.

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  1. Awesome, thank you for sharing this. I have been taught this recently and am trying to stay in fellowship with the Lord to hear what the Spirit says to me. There are so many distractions it is difficult for me, although not for Him. Taking it further, there is a need for daily bible study, reading, fellowship with the Lord however one would call it to be connected in the manner. CThe small stuffy does matter and especially the things no one else sees ( don't let your right hand know what your left hand us doing... Something like that is written) I'm still learning and barely biblically literate but I do have confidence that He will complete the good work he began in us.