Monday, October 11, 2010

The Vastness of God...

God showed me today how much I underestimate Him. It came to me as I was coming home from taking my son to school today that most of the time I don't see God as He really is. God is able to know me inside and out; from the feelings I feel, the thoughts I think, to the deeds I do, to how many hairs are on my head. Multiply that times approximately 9 billion (isn't that how many people there are on the planet today), then add to that the fact that He knows whenever a sparrow in the sky falls to the ground, and how all the lilies in the world are dressed. How's that for being a know it all? I don't mean that disrespectfully. God truly knows everything, and we have the gall to think He can't take care of any problem or obstacle that we come up against, or that money or some man or woman or some thing can help us more or better? I love the part in the Old Testament where He tells Elijah to ask the 450 prophets of Baal (1Kings 18:22-40) to take part in a contest of gods, the 450 prophets were to ask their god to set fire to a sacrifical bull and Elijah would ask the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to do the same, and whichever god did light the fire would be declared the one true God.

The holy spirit and prophets do have a sense of humor because we read in verse 27, Elijah began mocking the prophets of Baal with words like, "you'll have to shout louder," "maybe he's taking a nap," or "is relieving himself" when their god took no action. It's also amusing to me that they did indeed shout louder. We are told in verse 36 that Elijah calls upon God and in verse 38 God "immediately" lit the fire and burned up the bull.

That is the very same God we serve today. So where is that power? Why can't we call on Him and "immediately" have our requests answered? Jesus told the disciples that they (and we) would do greater things than He did while He lived and walked here on the planet. I know God is vast and all-knowing, so why are His people living such powerless lives? I guess one reason is that there are way too many of us "underestimating" Him in everyway everyday! Let's reach out and grasp the gifts promised to us by our Lord. Don't you want to walk in His power and authority? I do.

I am hoping that God will show me in the next couple of posts where we have gotten off mission and how to get back to doing the works He called us to.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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