Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Imagine Being Eve

It all began when my cat woke me up at approximately 3:15 this morning wretching at the foot of my bed. I jumped up to put in him in the bathroom just in case he was going to throw up (heaven forbid that he do it on my carpeting) and crawled back into bed. He then began pawing at my bathroom door and I knew the night was lost to me; at least for getting any sleep. I am one of those people who once awakened out of a deep sleep has no chance of returning to that blessed state until I get up and read or something for a couple of hours. So I lay in bed and began thinking about the Lord. My mind skipped back to Monday evening when I had begun my new Bible study class, "Jesus, the One and Only" by Beth Moore. In her video she had read a story she had written (and she believes it was given to her by God) about Mary and how she must have felt and what she may have done or thought immediately after giving birth to God's son. I was impressed with it enough for it to come back to me as I lay there.

I decided I was going to use my imagination to think about some part of a Bible story I was pretty familiar with. I asked God to help me imagine what it may have been like to have been Eve, the mother of all human creation.
What do you think about when you think of Eve? Well, I think about a woman with very little clothing on, living in a cave, with all kinds of children; a few toddlers, running around, getting into everything in the cave (what? what could they possibly have had to get into?) or maybe endlessly trying to run out of the cave into the forest where the animals were, and they weren't gentle and friendly anymore. Because of sin, they had become wild animals and so she had to keep the kids inside the cave safe and sound where there were only insects and bats and who knows what else living. I've read in quite a few commentaries that the first women (and that includes Eve!) more than likely had many multiple births. So, in addition to the toddlers and small children, maybe she also had a baby, maybe 9 to 18 months old, still nursing; or you know she possibly could have had a set of twins and maybe she was even pregnant, again. Think about what a formidable job Eve had been given...to populate the earth! It's beyond me, I think, to even comprehend what she must have had to go through. She must have been reproducing every year or two with who knows,....twins, tripletts, quadruplets. What if Eve had been like Octomom and given birth to 8, yes 8 babies at once? Where does one get enough energy to feed --- not with bottles and formula either--- eight babies?

I know when I had my two children (and they're 15 years apart!) that nursing was not a real fun job, at least not in the beginning. It takes at least six weeks (and maybe longer) for your nipples to become accustomed to a baby's sucking. Doctors tell you when you get pregnant to start prepping your nipples for several months before the baby is born, but really, how does one prepare for that? I had to use nipple shields, lotions, creams, salves, whatever I could get my hands on actually because you cannot believe the power in a baby's mouth. I remember flinching each time they would "latch on". ...and diapers.....what did she use for diapers? Leaves? To my knowledge, there's absolutely no absorption to leaves....how in the world did she keep those babies dry and clean? Oh, that's right, they did have sheep. Maybe she just had to shear a few of those every day to produce enough cotton to weave into diapers. I'll bet that's what she did in her spare time. I'll bet she didn't have any rolls of Bounty, the quicker picker upper sitting around anywhere close by either.

The question "how did she entertain all those children at once" came to my mind, and you know, I don't think parents entertained their children back then; I think the children entertained the parents. She had to be so exhausted from running after God alone knows how many children all day....
or maybe Eve ran "with" her children instead of "after" them. She was probably very young herself, right? And how old was Eve, anyway, when she was created? Fourteen, 16, 18, younger, older? It seems to my imagination that she probably was created as a young adult -- todays world 18; creation's world - 14/15 or so? Well, it's said that Mary was somewhere between 12 and 14 when she gave birth to Jesus and that was a whole 4,000 years after Eve! And I wonder just how many years of her 900 did Eve give birth? Did this woman even get to rest? When was menopause for Eve? Was she like 700 and she got to live the last 200 years of her life enjoying her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-great.....you know what I mean?

Seriously, though, isn't it hard to imagine what Eve went through? My mind simply cannot grasp what her life must have been like. And so my mind comes to the thought that God surely must have created Eve in a different manner or fashion from what women are like today. She certainly did not spend lots of time worrying about what to wear, her makeup, how much she weighed, what clubs to be a part of, what her home looked like. This had to be a woman focused on survival and getting her children fed, clothed and clean, and teaching them what they needed to know to survive and then on getting a few minutes of well deserved, much needed rest.

And so, I guess, therein lies what the Lord wanted to teach me tonight. We think we have it so hard in today's world, but really, we have so much to make life easier. And are we focused on the right things? Is it so important that my hair be just right, that my make up look perfect, that I not put on a few pounds and that my clothing have some designer label in them so that I meet the approval of the people around me? Isn't it more important for me to find out what I was created for and accomplish that before I have to report to the One who created me for that purpose? What will I say to Him? "Oh, I just couldn't find the time....", "I was so busy just trying to fit in to the world's idea of what I was supposed to be that I just couldn't decide how to fit in what You wanted me to do." "No, I know now that wasn't very important" and "Yes, I suppose I could have asked...."

He's our Father, our Creator, and He loves us. Don't you think He knew exactly what Eve needed to help her in accomplishing her purpose of being the mother of mankind? Even though Eve sinned, He loved her; just like He loves you and me. His Word says that if we ask anything, in His name, He will do it. And Eve had the glorious advantage that before she sinned, she walked in the garden with God everyday. What was that like, to be without sin, and walk with God; to be in His presence; to hear Him speak your name; to know that He created you and loved you and all you had to do was one thing; obey Him and you would live forever with Him.

Well, you know what? We have that today, too. Thanks to Yeshua the Christ, the God Incarnate child of Mary, we can be washed of our sins, we can walk with Him, talk with Him, hear him speak our name, and we can know that He created us, knit us together in our mother's womb, and loved us enough to die for us. We only have to do one thing; accept Him.

Have you done it? Have you cried out to Him, Oh, Lord, it's more than I can do. I need your help. Save me. Then let Him do it.

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  1. It seems the upshot is that we need to learn to 'Be' in Christ or to be "in Christ!" Interesting questions and gets you to thinking. As I learn to rest and heal I have had moments of the "to do" list overwhelming me as I watch the dust and pet hair pile up and I can't push the vac or reach the lamp yet. So I sit and read what He has given me to read; journal on my meditations; nap as He takes me into that healing mode. I receive His help through His people with appreciation and no guilt. He truly does heal our diseases and meet our needs!