Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Prayer for Today


Because you have blessed me, I am rich in so many things, including material items. Thank you for these blessings. According to your Word, you bless those who are poor in spirit. When you're rich, Lord, it's hard to be poor in spirit, and today's generation see no merit in a poor spirit. Please help me, Lord, to be as you have said, and open up my hand so that I am generous with my material wealth. I am nothing without you and everything I have is a gift from your hand and really belongs to you. Plant a desire in me to share and be generous to those in need. Please bring the ones you want me to share with into my circle of influence.
What's more, Lord, I ask that you would break my heart over the things that break your heart. I've become hard to the evil of the world. Please take off my blinders to the pain and suffering around me and let me anguish over the sin that surrounds me.
Fill me up daily with a hunger and thirst for your righteousness. Let me say with the psalmist: my soul thirsts for you and my flesh yearns for you in a dry and weary land that has no water.
I pray, Lord, God, that you would lead me in being merciful to all others as you have been SO merciful to me.
And wrapped around all of this, Father, is my obedience to you. Instill in me a desire to obey you. When I hear your voice, don't let there be any hesitation or questionning. Let me run to do what you ask, and not just run to do it; let me run with joy to do your bidding.
You have offered your gift of salvation to me, and I have accepted it. Now, please work that complete miracle in me, Lord and make me into a reflection of your perfect, holy, wonderful image so that you can be glorified and honored in my life.
I ask all this in the precious, sinless name of Jesus Christ.

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