Saturday, December 12, 2009

Try Jesus!

I've seen that bumper sticker and/or T-shirt around for years and it never really had an impact on me. I just didn't think much about it. This morning, though, as I sat talking to the Lord, an analogy came to me that I think the Lord wanted me to share.

There are many trials and troubles in this life. If you're older than five years old, then you know that as well as I do. For most of us, when trials assail us, we begin a relentless quest of how to overcome. Most specifically, I think about illness. As a person who suffers from imperfect health, I know this for a fact. We begin with the general practitioner, exhaust that person's knowledge; proceed with intensive testing and then begin seeing a specialist. We try one medication and then another, and we add one here and another there. It's a neverending spiral into this, that, and the other to see what benefits us the most in at least preserving the appearance of health.

So, too, it is with our spiritual life. We know we're sick, separated from the spiritual perfection that God created in the garden when he walked with Adam and Eve, and we're dying from it. We do things that we don't even really believe we would do if we were presented with an opportunity. And so, we begin to try to heal our soul sickness. There are so many ways to try to heal ourselves that I don't know if I can even begin to list them but here are a few that specifically come to mind: we choose a friend to confide in and ask for their opinion, we then progress on to counseling, sometimes, depending on the sickness, we might have to progress to a de-tox if you're dependent on or addicted to something, and it seems like almost always we progress to the point where the healing of our soul comes down to a "religion" so to speak whether it be "Buddha", "the inner physician" of the New Age Movement (old), and on and on and on.......

Well, why not try Jesus? His yoke is easy and his burden is light. He is the great physician and besides, His word proclaims Him to be the creator of all, so it stands to reason if He can create it, He can fix what's wrong with it. The world and its lies and deceptions can overcome just about everything but that singular name of Jesus. It is a hated name by many just because of what it stands for, or maybe it's because of what that name stands against.....soul sickness, sin, rejecting God the almighty creator of all that is, the things we know about and the things we don't know about.

Mankind is so cocky. We think we know better than the Almighty what is good for us. I know this from personal experience. He has a purpose for putting restrictions and limitations on us - it's for our own good. But ever since that day in the garden when tempted with the chance to be "as God", we have thought to know better than Him what is best for ourselves. Jesus taught about being at one with the Creator, to let Him live in us and direct our lives. We don't have to try, we just let Him BE in us and He shows us the right way which restores the balance of good (doing what is good and righteous) and bad bacteria (using an emotion or thought that is "bad" in nature for good - like mourning over sin, or righteous anger) in our souls and eliminates sickness and restores us to spiritual health and prosperity.

I say, Try Jesus, because if He is, indeed, who He says He is, isn't it worth it? I mean, isn't it worth it to have spiritual health and rightness with God? And if He wasn't who He said He was, His teachings are still teachings that lead to wholeness and spiritual health. You win either way. Interestingly enough, there have been many through the 2,000 years since Jesus' birth who have decided to give Him a try and ended up devoting their entire lives to Him because they have found Him to be exactly who He said He was, i.e. our provider, our restorer, our salvation, our righteousness, our healer, the prince of peace, Emmanuel, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Alpha, Omega, Beginning and the End.

For years I sought medical help for my physical problems and I had a friend who kept telling me that I should try natural medicine because allopathic medicine only covered up the symptoms and did not treat the root cause of the problem. I wouldn't listen, just kept limping along the road of what is well known and taught as science and truth until I reached a critical point where I had to re-evaluate my thinking. Once I began the trip down the "natural" road the one most in tune with nature and the creation, I became more and more convinced of its reality and truth. So it is with Jesus and soul sickness. He told us that He is the way, the truth and the life, but we want to make sure we wear our the ways and the truths that man has to offer before we reach that critical point of reaching out and trying Him.

Hey, what do you have to lose.....except your soul to soul sickness and death if He is, indeed, who He says He is.


  1. Very insightful. I hope people take your advice.

    Merry Christmas, and God bless you.

  2. Great blog! Nothing to lose, everything to gain!