Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did You Have a Merry Christmas?

I sincerely hope you did, but if you did not and you live in the USA, there is something horribly wrong. To date, in America, we still have more freedom than most places on the earth, and there is more assistance in the form of aid from the kindness of people available than you would ever believe (based on the actions of our governmental representatives).

What do I mean? I, personally, saw ministry to the masses in action in my own community and church. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, my local board of Realtors took part in the US Marine Corps. Toys for Tots program. In my office of employment, approximately 38 colleagues and my husband and myself supported two local families with gifts, toys, food and money to pay utilities. In my church, the message of living simply so that others can simply live was brought again for the sixth year as UMCOR and Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church encouraged sacrificial giving to help educate, feed and provide water to the people of Darfur, Sudan, Africa as they fight genocide and crimes against humanity that are ongoing in the area. And last, but certainly not least; personally, my family supported all of those entities and more for Christmas this year giving more to charitable organizations than we gave in gifts to our family, friends and loved ones.

Yes, there's something rotten in Washington, D.C., but there's still plenty of people of who love God and want to share His love and overflowing goodness with those less fortunate. I know it. I saw it. Are there those who were without this year. Of course, there was, and we just have to work harder to find them - those who are without not because of laziness or wanting to have something without working for it but truly because they are widows, orphans or people who have been unwillingly side swiped by the world and its economy.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that when you consider how the government in this country is rushing to implement its "programs" for the masses, you would think that people in this country are so stingy that if the government didn't step in, there would be no one would step up to help the under privileged However, I believe if enough people would give their hearts and lives to Jesus, we could get to the place where we all take care of each other!

As this Christmas passes, I will remember it with great appreciation and fondness because this is the Christmas where God opened the door to the stable and showed me the reason for this season (even though it more than likely was not the true date of Christ's birth) and allowed me to draw close to the baby born that day. Oh, how I praise Him for that!


  1. Beautifully said. You sure do have a talent with words :)

  2. You know what surpises me the most sometimes is that people "look to the government" to support hunger, poor, and the needy. Yet Christ said, it is the responsibility of the church and its memeber to do these things...not government. Think of all the huge churches and billions of dollars spent in worship buildings and then wonder if we fullfilled the true mission of the church instead of all that money spent of "looking good" what would really happen in our communities. Hmmmm

  3. It takes a true pouring out of God's spirit on a person or a church for the person or church to truly take on the needs of the world as He did. Unfortunately, in today's world, humanity is more interested in looking good than doing good! I, myself, used to think in terms of "face lifts" and a "great body". Today I want the people I meet to see God's face and be a part of His body! As I give myself over to Him and ask Him to make me more like Him, I find it harder and harder to fritter money away on myself when so many are in need!

    BUT if you are poor because you are lazy or a wastrel or a glutton, then I believe you are on your own. I don't feel that God wants us to be any of those things, and as a matter of fact, I believe I have read in Proverbs that those things are offensive to Him.

    Thank you for visiting.