Friday, November 13, 2009

The Road Less Traveled vs. The Path of Least Resistance

The Road Less Traveled vs. The Path of Least Resistance

The road less traveled is the road that Jesus called us to walk. You know it, it’s the one that’s narrow and the opening to the road is hard to find because it’s been covered over by vines and leaves and tree branches and all the things that have grown up for lack of use (also known as television, booze, books, computers, drugs, movies – whatever it is you use to escape life through). The road is a difficult road and according to Jesus, few ever find it. However, the rewards are great and the education priceless.

The road less traveled is like walking along the edge of a cliff. You must tread very carefully so that your foot does not slip from the path. There are wild animals, evil people and unearthly rulers and powers on each side of this road who want to show you how to get over to the easier path, the path of least resistance. So, you do not stop to get a drink or a meal by the side of this road – it’s much too dangerous to do so. It’s like walking up a very steep hill that causes you to breathe hard and sweat harder. You dare not take your eyes off of your destination lest you turn around and run down the hill in the other direction. The name of the road less traveled is Die-to-Self Street.

On the other hand, we have the path of least resistance. You know that road, too; it’s the one that is well worn because so many have walked it. The gravel has long since been driven deep into the dirt so that you can barely see it. The dirt almost has a “swept” look to it because all the leaves, vines, branches and roots have been worn down by the many that have walked along this road. The name of this road is Pleasure Myself Boulevard.

If you are walking the path of least resistance, it’s very hard to step off of this road because it is SO wide with a lovely green space in the middle, but should you step off, you would again find yourself in very dangerous company. You are in the company of those who are choosing to follow the Messiah and would help you to find the path less traveled. You might then find yourself having to carry a cross, a Bible, or another person, and you can’t just sink down into the depths of yourself with a book, a computer, a television, a bottle, a bag, a needle or anything else that people use to escape life.

But the path less traveled will lead you to an eternal destiny without comparison. This destination has been lovingly prepared with only you in mind, with neighbors who will love and accept you like you’ve never been loved and accepted; with peace and safety like you can’t imagine and all the best things that you can imagine (and I’m not talking about stuff like cars, furniture, clothes, shoes and boats)! You will walk where angels tread and the lion and the lamb lay down together and where bears graze!

On the other hand, the path of least resistance leads to an eternal destiny of pain and suffering, gnashing of teeth and living forever with neighbors of evil people, evil spirits, and demons. Needless to say, not the kind of neighborhood that goes up in value ever!

I, personally, prefer the long hard road that gets me to a place of rest and restoration to the easy road that gets me to a place where I can never be satisfied, never rest, and never know peace, safety, contentment or love.

When you look at these roads as compared to living life daily, the path less traveled is that road where you stop living for yourself and your pleasure to spend more time with your child, you drive a friend to the doctor even when you don’t want to because you have your day all planned. It’s the road you take when you have worked hard all day and all you want to do is veg out in front of the television with a drink in your hand but instead you go spend some time serving food to the hungry, or fix a good meal for your family, or you read the Bible with your daughter, or play pass with your son, or you talk to your wife or husband, or spend time with God in prayer. Basically, you learn, while traveling down this path that life is not about you at all. It’s about what you freely give to God and others for their pleasure; for their enrichment. If every person on earth were traveling this road, think of what it might be like. (If every person were looking out for the needs of others, there wouldn’t be political conversations, for one thing! Hallelujah!!)

It would a loving, generous, unselfish world.

There’s only one place you can find the opening to this path. This path begins with Christ in you, and you won’t find Christ on the path of least resistance. (Well, you might, because you can find Jesus anywhere, but it so much more difficult because of the distractions, and if you're finding solace in anything but Jesus, you will be less likely to call out to Him for help.) So turn off the TV, put down the bottle, book, bag, food or whatever, and pick up your Bible. Pray for the Holy Spirit of Jesus to come join you, to remove the blinders on your eyes, and remove the plugs from your ears and ask Him to open your spirit to Him and His Word. Do these things as often as you would turn on the TV, pick up the bottle, book, computer, bag, etc., and you will be amazed at how quickly you find yourself walking on the road to His eternity.

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