Wednesday, October 28, 2009


All mothers know what I'm talking about when I write that word. It's something you just cannot explain to anyone who has never given birth. It's this totally subconscious motivation to get your house in order that an expectant mother experiences, generally, in the last few weeks (sometimes days) of her pregnancy.

It's very hard to explain what motivates a woman, having a body heavy with baby and all that entails, to move furniture, wash, dry, put away, stock up, etc., like a mad woman just prior to her baby arriving.

That's the way I've been lately, but thank the Good Lord, I am not expecting a child (again, at my age (52) since I just had one at age 42)! But there seems to be an unseen hand moving me around. I feel compelled to read as much Scripture as I can, I constantly feel the need to look for signs in the skies, I want to be well informed of what's happening in the news, I want to pray more, I feel the need to tell others what I know about the Lord and trusting Him. I feel pregnant at the expectation that The Lord is coming back.

Do you feel it, too? I believe the world, at large, is pregnant with expectation for something. Some people know what it is they're expecting; others haven't got a clue. It's sort of like that old expression, the "pregnant pause". An expectant mother rushes around maniacally putting her nursery together, stocking her kitchen, cleaning her house, stocking up on diapers, baby supplies, and on and on and on, and then wham. She stops what she's doing, exhausted and rests, and the pregnant pause starts. The next thing you know she's in labor and the baby arrives.

The chaos in the world is multiplying every day. The US is not the only country where problems are abounding and multiplying at exponential rates. But there is a sense that the level of fear, noise, hatred, unease, distrust and disbelief are growing louder and stronger daily. People are running to and fro, they are stocking up on food, water, guns, ammo, Bibles, and getting their homes and lives prepared for the unknown. When that pregnant pause occurs, what happens then?

Just as in the delivery of that precious baby, when the pregnant pause happens, stop all that busyness, put yourself at rest in the hands of God and watch the miracle that He has planned and prepared for unfold before your very eyes.

Trust Him to have your best interests at heart, ask Him to show you your sin, ask for forgiveness and then don't let go or look back. Walk forward into each new day in confidence knowing that God has a plan and a purpose for everything that happens.

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